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Two Poems for Children

by Anna Dabney, Storytellers Committee
Copyright 2010

The Tortoise

The tortoise carries his home on his back.
He can lock it up very tight
by drawing his head and arms and legs inside.
His enemies try what they might
to forcefully bring him out of his shell;
the armored one will not fight.
The tortoise seems quite slow to us
Though it sometimes takes him all night,
he arrives where he wants to be in good time.
He knows where to turn left or right.

The Hawk

The hawk is part of nature’s plan,
although you may not be a fan
The hawk is beautiful and swift.
Her stealthy flight is her special gift.
She snatches up an unwary bird
because her wings cannot be heard.
The hawk has little mouths to feed,
So don’t be quick to judge her deed.
The Cooper’s hawk is one of the best
at feeding the hatchlings in her nest.