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MPC at Tahoe FAQs

MPC at Tahoe? Isn’t this event called “Family Camp”?

Yes, the name “MPC at Tahoe” is new.  We wanted to make sure that everyone felt welcome, and we know that some MPCers have felt unwelcome because they’re not a family with kids.  Truth is, all kinds of folks come to Tahoe for this event: singles, couples, families with children, families without children… anyone! And just like MPC itself, all are welcome.

When and where does MPC at Tahoe take place?

MPC at Tahoe happens in mid-June. This year – our 40th! — the dates are June 18th through June 23rd. The site is the Camp Richardson Resort in South Lake Tahoe.

Do people stay in cabins, tents, somewhere else?

Some folks do tent camping, some stay in rental cabins, and some stay in the Camp Richardson Hotel or other nearby lodges. It all depends on what kind of experience you’d like to have.

If you’d like to know more about each option, or would like some helpful tips, please contact the MPC at Tahoe Committee. In particular, we have plenty of suggestions for camping with children.

I’ve never camped before – help!

May we suggest group camping? We are grouping a few nearby sites together for shared meals. Singles, couples, or small families especially may enjoy this option. Debbie Fallehy will share her amazing camp-kitchen technology (multi-burner stoves, an actual Kitchen Sink, and the like) and we will all share cooking and cleanup duties together.

Whether you camp as a group or not, there are plenty of folks ready to offer their camping expertise and even camping equipment. Need a tent, or someone who knows how to set one up? Need tips on getting your campfire going? Just need directions to the (new!) bathrooms or (hot!) showers? We’re happy to help, either ahead of time or at Lake Tahoe.

Does everyone stay the whole week?

Most people arrive on the Sunday (which is June 18th this year) and stay through to the following Saturday. But people also arrive on the first Saturday, leave on the Friday… it’s up to you and what fits best with your schedule. We recommend being at Tahoe from Monday through Friday at least so you can take part in the morning program, evening activities, and closing circle.

What if I can only stay for a few days?

That’s fine. Most years, we have several MPCers who come for brief cameo appearances. Often we try to work things out so that these folks can split a cabin or campsite; you might also check out the lodge. There is a prorated registration fee if you’re staying less than half of the week; more info will be available about that at the registration table.

When is registration?

Registration happens every Sunday through the month of April (that is, April 2, 9, 23, 30). If you know before that date which campsite or cabin you’d like to reserve, please let us know, and we’ll help you get started.

What is an average MPC at Tahoe day like?

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday we begin the day at 9:30am with an optional Morning Program. Adults and kids are together for morning announcements, and then the kids head off to their program while the adults stay for theirs.  The adult program is typically led by a speaker hired by MPC, and is usually spiritual and/or philosophical in nature, with plenty of opportunities for discussion and debate. The kids program varies year to year, but there are always activities for anyone ranging from toddlers to teens. The goal of the Morning Program is to create a time that is fun for kids and relaxing & inspiring for adults.

The Morning Program ends around noon. MPCers then break for lunch, usually with fellow campers or cabin dwellers. After lunch, there are optional planned activities, such as sand castle building contests, singing around the campfire, group hikes to nearby Angora Lake, etc. There are also plenty of “spur of the moment” activities such as horseback riding, hiking, or just goofing off at Camp Richardson beach. Usually the evening features a campfire song session, talent show, or another kind of fun event.

Wednesday is “do your own thing” day, kicked off with a pancake brunch and capped off with a potluck/BBQ on the beach.

Whom do I contact with more questions?

The MPC at Tahoe Committee is happy to answer questions. They are: Rob Elia, Kristin Dwelley, Steve McKiernan, Cindy Gullikson, Cathy Sharp, Debbie Fallehy, Al Peters, and Talitha Aho. You may also wish to review the MPC at Tahoe page on the MPC website.