We are a multigenerational, social justice-oriented community of joyful, imperfect people who welcome absolutely everybody with hospitality, openness and acceptance.

Committees of Session

These Committees are established by Session and have an essential roles in the life of the church.

Celebration (Worship): The Celebration Committee works with the pastor and music staff to help plan our Sunday morning service. We oversee the various components of Celebration: communion, lay leaders, music, flowers. We encourage the use of visual and performing arts to enhance the worship experience at MPC. See the Celebration page for more information.  Jim Allardice, Chairperson.

Capital Campaign II:  When the Capital Funds drive for the retrofitted sanctuary started, our congregation decided to hold 10% of the funds raised, as a tithe, to be given away to help others. This tithe was approved by Session, and became a part of the information in the capital funds drive literature. Decisions about how to give and where to give have been deferred until now! In keeping with church by-laws and covenants, an ad-hoc committee on Giving has been created to guide the MPC family in how to give this tithe. This committee will be working with MPC social justice committees and with the congregation develop a program for giving.  Steve McKiernan, Chairperson.

Finance Committee:  The Finance Committee prepares and presents the annual budget to Session and reports quarterly on the financial condition of the Church. Committee members share in doing financial and accounting tasks throughout the year. Al Peters, Chairperson.

Welcome and Membership Committee:  We create programs to welcome newcomers to our church family and supervise programs to prepare those interested in exploring formal membership.  We help facilitate involvement within the church family for new members and provide a welcoming, inviting presence at Sunday celebrations and events. Bill Neely (Membership), Debbie Fallehy (Welcome), Chairperson.

Health and Reconciliation Team: The Health and Reconciliation Team (HART) looks for ways to address any unresolved feelings and issues over staffing changes, building renovation, etc. A copy of the committee’s April 2008 report to Session that describes the team’s work and summarizes recommendations from a consultant hired to help us move forward, is available from Stan Stevens.

Nominations: Lee Aurich.

Personnel: Francie Chan.

Stewardship: This small committee oversees the annual pledging of financial support by members and friends of the church. Carrie McKiernan, Chairperson.

Clerk of Session: Susanne Lea.

Phone numbers and email are in the online Directory.