We are a multigenerational, social justice-oriented community of joyful, imperfect people who welcome absolutely everybody with hospitality, openness and acceptance.

Sermons (Page 2)

My Side of the Story

The parable of the Good Samaritan is about doing good, but it is also about shaking a negative perception of outsiders. We need to see a story from other points of view and see the face of Jesus in everyone.


On Easter Sunday, Rev. Ben calls us to believe — not in a specific interpretation of the resurrection, because there are many — but in the triumph of good over evil, beauty over ugliness, and in our power to change the world.

Irony Explainer

Rev. Talitha preaches about Jesus’ entrance into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, showing it to be an event of great humility instead of triumph, and the ways in which we are called to live in a similar fashion.

And I Was Martha

Many of us can identify with Martha in the story of Lazarus, wondering why God does not prevent bad things from happening. This sermon explores this question and the importance of hope.

Resisting Temptation

Rev. Ben preached on the temptation of Jesus in the desert, relating it to the temptation faced by churches nowadays to pursue three things above all else: financial stability, entertainment/spectacle, and political power.