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Sermons by Rev. Talitha Phillips

Irony Explainer

Rev. Talitha preaches about Jesus’ entrance into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, showing it to be an event of great humility instead of triumph, and the ways in which we are called to live in a similar fashion.

The Beginning is Near

Rev. Talitha discusses the apocalyptic language of Luke 21:5, drawing out lessons about how to live through “the end”: the destruction of the temple in biblical times, modern political upheaval, and personal crises.

Love Breaking In

Looking at one of the most ignored books of the Bible (the Song of Solomon), Rev. Phillips finds that it speaks not only how we value sexual relationships, but provides a model for how people can relate to one another.

Testing Our Saviors

Drawing upon the story of Jesus’ temptation in the wilderness, Rev. Phillips talks about how Jesus responds to the tests as a model for us in our lives, and invites us to rest in the grace of having enough.