We are a multigenerational, social justice-oriented community of joyful, imperfect people who welcome absolutely everybody with hospitality, openness and acceptance.

Sermons by Rev. Ben Daniel (Page 4)

Study War No More

Advent has begun, and eschatology is in the air! Christians look forward to a day when the whole world will be at peace, but why wait for the end of days? If we practice awareness – of our inner motivations and the consequences of our actions – we can avoid doing harm and beat swords into ploughshares.

Back to Basics

Rev Ben preaches on the Sunday after election day 2016, reflecting on how the challenges faced by the early church echo our own, and that our mission remains the same: to welcome absolutely everyone, and to take care of each other.

Lose Your Self-Righteousness

Rev. Ben talks about the scarier side of the writings of John Calvin – the side that speaks of human “depravity”, and comes around to the perspective that in acknowledging our failings we open the door for Grace. Scripture: LUKE 18: 9-14

A Wider Embrace

On the eve of Indigenous People’s Day, Rev. Daniel reflects upon the treatment of Native Americans since the time of Columbus and relates it to the Spirit of inclusiveness as a Christian value. Scripture – Luke 17:11-19

Commissioning a Global Faith

Scripture: Matthew 28: 16-20 On the occasion of World Communion Sunday, Rev. Daniel reflects upon the history of the church’s response to this scripture, referred to as “The Great Commission” with the understanding that our faith is not limited to this one local congregation.

Pride and Patriotism

Preaching on September 11th, Rev. Ben discusses the brighter and darker sides of patriotism, and the ways in which our Christianity calls us to be citizens who recognize our country’s flaws and work to make our nation more fair, just, and caring.