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Sermons by Rev. Ben Daniel (Page 4)

Called to Icky Places

Reflecting on the story in which Jesus encounters a man overtaken by demons whose name is “Legion”, Rev. Daniel reflects upon difficult events in the past week and asserts that Christians today may be called to go to “Icky Places”.

The Feminism of Jesus

Rev Ben Daniel responded to the overnight news of a mass shooting in Orlando, then proceeded with his planned sermon in which he talked about the need for today’s Christian church to learn from Jesus concerning attitudes towards women.

What Kind of Unity

Rev. Ben discusses Jesus’ call for unity in the context of today’s politically divided climate, focusing on the ways in which we can stand for justice and tolerance while still striving for spiritual unity.

Open Your Eyes

On Easter Sunday, Rev. Ben preaches on the importance of not avoiding the world or falling into despair, but instead opening your eyes and hearts to the beauty of a resurrection world.

Beauty vs. The NFL

Admitting that he plans to view the big professional football game with friends today, Rev. Daniel contrasts Christian such concepts of Beauty, the Good, Truthwith the uglier realities of current-day football. Scripture Luke 9:28-36