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It’s time for the 2018 Yule Feast!

A night of revelry, ceremony & celebration! A special highlight of our life, the 2018 YULE FEAST will take place Saturday, January 6, 2018 beginning at 5pm.  We open with wassail and cider in the Family Room, where we toast, sing, and enjoy the always irreverent Pig Play. We’ll gather in the courtyard where a fire juggling unicycling jester will light up the night and then lead us into the banquet hall for a sumptuous feast, presentation of the Boar’s Head and continued magic, music, and merrymaking.  Learn more about the history of Yule Feast (PDF)

Reservations begin Sunday, Nov. 19 after Celebration. Please register as early as possible to allow the Yule committee time to organize tables.

Pricing   (Prices rise $2 per person after Dec. 17!)

  • Adults   $15
  • Children and Youth (6-18 years)  $10
  • Little ones:  (5 and under)  $6   (includes nursery care; must reserve by December 17)
  • “Kin of Four” Discount: $45.00 (2 adults and 2 children/youth; pay by December 17)

Early reservations are very much appreciated! Final deadline to reserve and pay: Sunday, January 1. Financial assistance is available — please contact Talitha.

Table Reservations: Reservations can be made as a group, a family, a couple, or an individual. Every individual or family needs to complete a Household Info Form.  Don’t worry if you don’t have a table in mind when you register; the Yule committee will put you with a group.  Please note that we will not have separate Youth tables.

Nobles: If you would like to be a Noble (table host) and gather a table together, please reach out to friends, neighbors, or anyone at MPC you’d like to know better, and complete a Table Reservation Form [make a link].

Food: Nobles will organize their tables to supply all drinks and side dishes for that table. The Yule committee will provide everything for the wassail hour, the main course meat, dessert and coffee. The registration form has a place to note if vegan and gluten-free options are preferred.

Seating: Your table location will also be posted on a seating chart the night of Yule Feast.

Yule Feast Info & Forms

Yule Feast Tables Explained: Nobles & Purveyors (read the rest of this page, then read this document)
Yule Feast Household Info Form 2018
Yule Feast Table Reservation Form
Notes on Costume Creation (Costume ideas & how to make your own)
Yule Feast Letter 2018 (basically this page in portable format)

Yule Feast Recipes

Part of the Yule Feast meal is provided by table members. If the leader of your table — your “Noble” — asks you to bring something, please use the recipes below.
Yule Feast Blanched Vegetable Finger Salad
Yule Feast Roasted Veggies
Yule Feast Chicken Drumettes
Yule Feast Spinach Quiche
Yule Feast Parsley Bread single loaf
Yule Feast Parsley Bread: 2 large loaves

Images from the 2016 Yule Feast

Yule Feast 2016

Questions? Please contact Cindy Gullikson at cgull4 (at) gmail.com, or ask a member of the Yule Feast Committee: Rev. Talitha Aho, Eloise Gilland, Karen Bowen, Leslie Louie, Cathy Sharp, Debbie Fallehy, Liam Gray, and Steve McKiernan. 

Want to know more about the history of Yule?

This will be our thirty-fifth Yule Feast celebration – make sure you are there!