We are a multigenerational, social justice-oriented community of joyful, imperfect people who welcome absolutely everybody with hospitality, openness and acceptance.


Back in 2012, MPC began a Beacons program. “So,” you might ask, “just what is a Beacon?”

The Beacons are a team of members and friends of the MPC Church family chosen to continue our long held value of looking out for one another. In the past, MPC had what were called “Extended Families.” Within these units people gave and received care. Most of the Extended Families have come to a natural end. We hope our Beacons program will fill some of that role and provide care.

The church family has been clustered into geographical units or “Communities” and each community has a Beacon. The Beacons gather the folks in each Community so they can get to know each other. Beacons provide information and support to Community members. Beacons facilitate connection with the church staff and with services provided by volunteers. We hope the Beacon Communities build relationships within the smaller geographic areas of the total congregation. We intend to nurture supportive community life.

Services from a Beacon

  • Beacons offer support in times of need. This might include a ride to a doctor’s appointment, meals arranged, or a listening ear.
  • Beacons are also informed about staff and volunteer services.
  • Beacons assist involvement in MPC, finding ways for each person to share gifts and talents.
  • Beacons also gather their communities periodically to allow people to know each other better.

Therefore if you’d like to connect to other MPC members in your area, are interested in helping with a Community event, or if you know of someone facing a challenge at MPC, you can reach out directly to a Beacon, or contact Noel in the front office to help.

Our Beacons

Below is a chart of our Beacons. If you’re not certain where you belong and you have not yet heard from a Beacon, please contact the office.

Area                                                                        Beacon

Alameda & Downtown Oakland Jeanne Dunn
El Cerrito, El Sobrante, Berkeley Tom Eelkema
Dimond Deborah Brooks and Jane VanderVeer
East of the Tunnel (Lafayette/Moraga/Orinda/Walnut Creek, not Rossmoor) Susan ten Bosch Paull
Grand Lake / Piedmont Leslie Louie and Shelly Kelly
Piedmont Gardens and Neighborhood Don Alter
Rockridge Area Bonnie Hamlin
Rossmoor Roberta Davis and Jean Dormann
Skyline, Shepherd Canyon Cynthia Blumgardt and Karen Ray Gibson
South Hills Neighborhoods, Livermore, San Leandro Judi Bank and Jean Gregory
Thornhill Area Maggie Harmon and Sloan white
MPC Expatriates Earl Hamlin