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Children of Uganda performance

2014 Children of Uganda Tour of Light PosterOn Sunday, March 9th, Children of Uganda’s Tour Of Light dance troupe will join us — singing, drumming, dancing, and sharing East African culture through stories and songs. The organization benefits orphans and vulnerable children in Uganda, and this tour is their program of outreach to meet new people, raising both funds and awareness.

Youth Group Reunion: Jan 5th 2014

Calling all Youth Group Alumni! Whether you just went off to your first year of college, or whether you remember youth group before Susan Hunn arrived, you are ALL invited to our 2014 Reunion! Come regale us with stories of the past, catch up with old friends, and share your wisdom with the new youth group members…

Youth Group Garden (work) Party

We had a (work) party in the garden this weekend! For those who do not know, this garden (“Susan’s Seeds” after our previous youth director) was built in 2011 following a youth group mission trip to Portland, OR where they learned a lot about community gardening and food justice. Chris Singer reminded us of the story… during some free time they were…

Taizé prayer

Taize Candles Small Image Taizé prayer, a form of meditation that is relatively new to MPC but draws on rich years of tradition elsewhere, now takes place monthly. Our next service is Wednesday, March 21st at 7 PM.
In words attributed to St. Francis de Sales, “half an hour’s meditation daily is essential, except when one is very busy. Then a full hour is necessary.” Join us for some spiritual refreshment.

Mission Study Process

The congregation will gather next Sunday, 11/13, right after celebration, to take another step in engaging the Mission Study Process. The purpose is to ask, answer, and share about some questions regarding Montclair Presbyterian Church and our vision of the future. Everyone’s voice is important, whether you are an “old timer” or have just started attending MPC. These conversations will continue to inform decisions and direction for the church.
At the same time, and even if you cannot attend the meeting, we are asking all church members & friends to take a survey!

Faith Trio Harvest Dinner

The Harvest Dinner is an annual event celebrated by the Faith Trio partners (Montclair Presbyterian Church, Kehilla Community Synagogue & the ICCNC) in turn at each congregation’s locale. MPC is the host this year for the seventh anniversary of this lively occasion, Saturday Nov. 5th.

Women's Fall Retreat

The time has come for MPC women to retreat to the hills of the East Bay! This year our retreat falls on Halloween Weekend, and so our focus will be (aptly) The Masks Women Wear, led by Rev. Beth Buckingham-Brown. Our gathering begins Friday evening, October 28th for dinner and continues through breakfast and celebration Sunday, October 30th. This is a time out from the hurry of our lives, a time for reflection, singing, sharing, laughing and community.

Honoring the Saints

Many cultures place a lot of emphasis on honoring your elders. Some do so to an oppressive degree, effectively squashing the dignity of the younger generations. When I was in Uganda I was shocked to see children kneeling before their elders, even before young teachers. When they knelt before me I would promptly commit a cultural faux pas, kneeling down to their…

Edible Garden

UPCOMING: Saturday, Oct. 22nd: Work Day for the Youth Group. We will build raised beds for the new garden and hopefully will even start planting new vegetables!

The garden has been readied in a very short time. On Sunday, Oct. 9th the youth group weeded, dug, hoed, raked, and leveled the ground for our new edible, organic garden. A roughly 10’x30′ plot was ready in just about an hour. What energy they had!
The senior high youth group members came back from their mission trip in Portland, Oregon, fired up about food justice. Instead of just donating cans of food to local needs, they wanted to work hands-on to provide fresh fruits and vegetables to people in need.

Surveying the mess