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Our Solar Panels

Our new solar panels were dedicated during the Sunday celebration on Nov. 2, 2014. They are expected to supply 95% of the electricity needed on the church campus.

The installation was reported in the Montclairion newspaper as follows:


Church reduces carbon footprint; hopes others follow
by Carol Wolleson & Barbara Peters

OAKLAND –After two years of research and planning, the Montclair Presbyterian Church has installed 66 new solar panels on the roof of its facilities.

The panels were dedicated during the Nov. 2 Sunday worship service. The panels are expected to supply 95% of the electricity needed on the church campus at 5701 Thornhill Drive. For this 250-member church, the cost of the panels represents a considerable financial commitment.

The $75,000 project was made possible by initial gifts totaling more than $50,000 from members of the congregation. The balance will be funded by individuals sponsoring full or partial panels ranging from $100 to $1,000 as well as from member loans.

In its social justice work, the church identified the use of nonrenewable energy sources as a major factor contributing to the problem of climate change. Art Paull, co-chair of the “Eco-Stewards,” the church committee that spearheaded the project, said: “Climate change has the potential to disrupt all life on our planet, dramatically reducing food production, threatening water availability, and causing a significant rise in sea level. These impacts would especially harm people in the developing world. We can already see this occurring throughout the planet.”

The congregation recognized the need for individuals and institutions to move to renewable forms of energy as quickly as possible. The solar panels represent Montclair Presbyterian’s commitment to help reduce its carbon footprint. The church hopes its example will inspire members of the community to undertake similar energy projects.

Monthly Data

Like to know the environmental impact of MPC’s solar panels in terms of:

  • Trees grown for 10 years
  • Car miles not driven
  • Barrels of crude oil conserved?

If so, check out recent monthly PDF reports we receive from Sunpower, our solar provider (PDF format):
SunPower Monthly Report (2017-07-07 – 2017-08-06)
SunPower Monthly Report (2017-08-07 – 2017-09-06)
SunPower Monthly Report (2017-09-07 – 2017-10-06)

Event photos

Solar Panels with Eco-Stewards
SPLASH (Eco Stewards) Team members and others who helped make the solar panel project possible gathered after the dedication:
1st row from left: Jean Gregory, Barbara Peters, Roberta Davis, Sari Kulberg
2nd row from left: Al Peters, Hal Davis, Pastor Ben Daniel, Don Alter
(Not present: Art Paull, Susan ten Bosch Paull & Earl Hamlin)

Rev Ben pointing at new solar panels

Pastor Ben points out the new solar panels with two SPLASH Team members, Hal Davis & Sari Kulberg.

(Photos by Tom Debley)