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The Hadsell Futures Library

The library focuses on the church’s future with knowledge drawn from contemporary theology and ethics. It emphasizes rising women’s voices, growing interfaith connections, and issues of science.

The library contains approximately 60 volumes, which may be checked out by filling out a
circulation card.

The library is located in the Family Room, near the Book Depot.

A list of the Hadsell Futures Library books is included below. You can also download the list in PDF format.

Hadsell Futures Library Master List

Abraham K C Chrislava Transforming Vision Samithi
Allan Diogenes Christian Belief in a Postmodern World Westminster John Knox Press
Barbour Ian G *When Science Meets Religion HarperOne
Barks Coleman Soul Fury HarperOne
Bass Diana Butler Christianity for the Rest of Us Harper SF
Bass Diana Butler Christianity After Religion HarperOne
Bell Rob and Kristen The ZimZum of Love HarperOne
Bell Rob What We Talk About When We Talk about God HarperOne
Bell Rob Love Wins HarperOne
Borg Marcus Jesus Harper
Borg Marcus The Heart of Christianity HarperOne
Borg Marcus J Convictions: How I Learned What Matters Most HarperOne
Borg Marcus J Speaking Christian HarperOne
Brown-Taylor Barbara Learning to Walk in the Dark HarperOne
Brown-Taylor Barbara An Altar in the World HarperOne
Buehrens John; Rebecca Parker A House for Hope Beacon Press
Coehlo Paulo The Alchemist (25th Anniversary Edition) HarperOne
Collins Francis S *The Language of God Free Prees
Conlon James *From the Stars to the Street Novallis
Cox Harvey The Future of Faith HarperOne
Cox Harvey How to Read the Bible HarperOne
Crossan John Dominic How to Read the Bible and Still be a Christian HarperOne
Crosson John Dominic Jesus Harper Collins
Daniel Ben The Search for Truth about Islam Westminster John Knox Press
Ehrman Bart D Jesus Interrupted HarperOne
Emerson Rev James Forgiveness: Key to the Creative Life Author House
Enns Peter The Bible Tells Me So HarperOne
Felton David, and Jeff Proctor-Murphy Living the Questions HarperOne
Finkelstein Israel The Bible Unearthed Touchstone/Simon&Shuster
Garber Steven The Fabric of Faithfulness IVP Books
Gomes Peter J The Good Book Wm Morrow & Co
Gottlieb Roger S Spirituality Oxford Press
Guder Darrell L Missional Church Wm Eerdmans
Hamilton Adam Making Sense of the Bible HarperOne
Hanh Thich Nhat Silence: the Power of Quiet HarperOne
Hanh Thich Nhat The Art of Communicating HarperOne
Healy Anthony E The Postindustrial Promise Rowman & Littlefield
Hoke Chris Wanted: A Spiritual Pursuit HarperOne
Hunt Rex A E, John W H Smith) Why Weren’t We Told? Polebridge Press
Jones Alan Reimagining Christianity Wiley
Jones Tony Did God Kill Jesus? HarperOne
Laughlin Paul Alan Getting Oriented Polebridge Press
Levenson Jon D Inheriting Abraham Princeton U. Press
McLeish Tom *Faith and Wisdom in Science Oxford U Press
Mead Loren The Once and Future Church Alban Institute
Mead Loren B Financial Meltdown in the Mainline? (Alban) Rowman & Littlefield
Meyers Robin R Saving Jesus from the Church HarperOne
Micklethwait John, Adrian Wooldridge God is Back Penguin Press
Nelson-Pohlmeyer Jack Jesus Against Christianity Trinity Press Internatinal
Newbigin Leslie The Gospel in a Pluralist Society Wm Eerdmans
Nouwen Henri Discernment HarperOne
Nouwen Henri Spiritual Formation HarperOne
Nouwen Henri Spiritual Direction HarperOne
Ottati Douglas F Theology for Liberal Protestants: God the Creator Wm Eerdmans
Pagels Elaine Beyond Belief Random House
Pagels Elaine Gnostic Gospels Vintage
Peters Ted, Martinez Hewlett *Can You Believe in God and Evolution? Abington Press
Polkinghorne John *Faith, Science & Understanding Yale U Press
Polkinghorne John *Quarks, Chaos and Christianity Crossroads Books
Rauschenbusch Walter A Theology for the Social Gospel Martino Fine Books
Regele Mike, Mark Schulz Death of the Church (Alban) Zondervan
Rendle Gilbert R Leading Change in the Congregation (Alban) Rowman & Littlefield
Robinson Duke A Middle Way Self-published
Sagan Carl *The Varieties of Scientific Experience Penguin Press
Shaull Richard The Reformation and Liberation Theology Westminster John Knox Press
Silberman Neil Asher The Bible Unearthed Touchstone/Simon&Shuster
Song C S The Compassionate God Orbis Books
Spong John S Jesus for the Non-religious HarperOne
Spong John S Here I Stand Harper SF
Spong John S A New Christianity for a New Wprld HarperOne
Sweet Allen & C. Frances *The Unity of Truth 1 Universe Inc
Tamez Elsa Struggle for Power in Early Christianity Costa Rica Orbis
Tan Chade-Meng Search Inside Yourself HarperOne
Tickle Phyllis The Great Emergence Baker Books
Tutu Desmund, Mpho Tutu The Book of Forgiving HarperOne
Valliant George E *Spiritual Evolution Broadway Books
Vermes Geya Jesus in His Jewish Context Fortress Press
Waetjin Herman C A Reordering of Power Wipf&Stock
Wallis Jim God’s Politics HarperOne
Wills Gary What Jesus Meant Penguin Press
Wink Walter Just Jesus Image Catholic Books
Winner Lauren F Wearing God HarperOne
Woods C Jeff Congregational Megatrends (Alban) Rowman & Littlefield
The Poverty and Justice Bible American Bible Society

*Indicates book on science and religion

Last updated: April 4, 2017

Photo by Jonathan Simcoe on Unsplash