We are a multigenerational, social justice-oriented community of joyful, imperfect people who welcome absolutely everybody with hospitality, openness and acceptance.


Presbyterians are known for doing things “decently and in order!” Here at MPC we are not as orderly as some others in our denomination. We do, however, have a system of governance that we follow. In fact, the Presbyterian system is based on a democracy. (Fun fact: Some of the signers of the Declaration of Independence were Presbyterian men. It’s interesting how the church has impacted the state.) One of the deeply held beliefs of Presbyterians and one of the cornerstones of ministry here at MPC is the “The Priesthood of All Believers.” That is, it is the job of everyone – ministers and lay people alike – to share the Good News with and transform the whole world. We do not believe in the “authority” of the Pastor; instead, we believe we all have gifts to be shared in a collegial way.

Our “ruling” body is called the “Session.” Currently our Session is comprised of 15 ordained elders who have been nominated and elected by the members of the congregation as representative of them. Over the next several years, the number of elders in Session will be reduced to 12. Elders serve a 3 year term. They are different than elected political officials in that they are charged with making decisions based on how God is leading them – in other words, voting by their consciences as led by the Holy Spirit, rather than by how they think the membership would want them to vote.

The elders are responsible for carrying out the mission and ministry of the church. They oversee the work of the various committees. We also have a “Clerk of Session” who is responsible for all of the official record keeping of the congregation. The Clerk of Session records the minutes of all Session and Congregational Meetings, as well as baptisms, weddings, deaths, and membership status. MPC has over 20 committees and a variety of small groups who all help to carry out the ministry and mission of the congregation. There is never a dull moment at MPC and we are always open to new ideas and new ways of impacting our world.

Current Session Agenda

Session Agenda January 2018

Session Agenda November 2017

Session Agenda October 2017

Session Agenda September 2017

Session Agenda June 2017

Session Agenda April 2017

Session Agenda January 2017

Current Session Approved Minutes

Session Approved Special mtg Sept.18 2017

Session Approved Minutes – September 2017

Session Approved Minutes – June 2017

Session Approved Minutes – April 2017

Session Approved Minutes – February 2017


Current Session Approved Minutes for Congregational Meetings

Congregational Meeting Minutes – July 2016

Session Approved Congregational Meeting Minutes November 2015 (pdf)

Members of Session

Session Class of 2017

  • Amy Bess
  • Sue Davies
  • Betsy King
  • Anna Santos

Session Class of 2018

  • Gretchen Garlinghouse
  • Shelley Kelly
  • Mary Ellen McKey
  • Rayno Niemi

Session Class of 2019

  • Dave Miller
  • Paula Mosely
  • Brenda Steinmetz-Vallenas
  • Blake Thompson

Session Class of 2020

  • Frank Dauby
  • Kristin Dwelley
  • Rick Heller
  • Jan Stites

Clerk of Session

  • Susanne Lea