We are a multigenerational, social justice-oriented community of joyful, imperfect people who welcome absolutely everybody with hospitality, openness and acceptance.

About Us

Montclair Presbyterian Church is a community of joyfully imperfect people who welcome all with hospitality, openness and acceptance. In our sanctuary and in our hearts, we embrace God’s inclusive love – and we do so with both our humanity and humor intact. Our church family is a uniquely spirited one. We work for justice, celebrate peace, give voice to the oppressed, and honor our individual and collective differences. We invite you to be a part of this great unity of ours and to share in the wonder of the Holy Spirit.

Some key things to know about our community:

We are multigenerational

Intergenerational ArtOne of the strengths of the MPC community is the diversity of ages of our members. Our community ranges from young families to active seniors (such as our 95-year-old ‘resident artist’) to all generations in between. The elder members of our congregation understand that they can act as mentors, and younger members realize that there is great potential for learning and sharing. As a community, we work hard to foster cross-connections between our various age groups, in the hope that we can continue to be what MPC has been for generations: a chosen, extended family.

We are social justice-oriented

At MPC, we know that it’s important to work together to help create a peaceful and just world. The Mission Statement for our church summarizes it well: “We work for justice in the here and now, rather than salvation in the hereafter”. For generations, our community has taken action through church groups such as our Social Justice Committee and helped support each other in living out that vision. Learn more

We welcome absolutely everybody

Everyone is welcome at Montclair Presbyterian Church. In particular, our community lives by two welcoming principles: spiritual inclusivity (being open to people from all walks of life, regardless of your religious background) and radical hospitality (welcoming lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender persons and all other marginalized or oppressed persons). Learn more

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